Reframe Collecting
Goal 2: Encourage cultural diversity and strengthen social cohesion through space and time

a collaboration with ICOM/COMCOL
How museums can reframe collecting as a strategy for collective care?
Today, museums are rethinking their relationship with our legacy in the context of the multi-layered society we live in. Acknowledging that history is being made by sub-cultures, local and indigenous cultures serves to collect and legitimise subaltern narratives and communicate about human diversity. Beyond works of art and objects, museums collect shared heritage, memories and living cultures as well as what we call intangible collectables.

"Reframe Collecting" is a programme investigating how museums can reframe collecting as a strategy for collective care. Using the full potential of both international communities, it draws the state of museum collecting today, new ethics and behaviours. Key insights, best practices and how-tos will be extracted from these ongoing conversations to be shared with the museum sector broadly.
Our actions
Queering Collections: the Body and the Object'
On Nov. 12 2020, we invited María Belén Correa, co-founder of the Argentinian Trans Memory Archive (Argentina), and Dan Vo, project manager for the UK Queer Heritage and Collections Network and Victoria & Albert Museum Ambassador (United Kingdom) to share their practices.
The session was facilitated by Florencia Croizet, museologist and ICOM COMCOL Young Board Member (Argentina)
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Diversity as a Focus for Collecting, Plurality as Focus for Collecting
On Dec. 2nd 2020, we invited Julie Rokkjær Birch, director of the Women's Museum in Aarhus (Denmark) and Armando Perla, International Advisory on Museums, Human Rights and Social Inclusion for the City of Medellin, Colombia and a Board Member of the ICOM / IC Ethics. The session was facilitated by Alina Gromova, Affiliated Board Member of COMCOL and board member of ICOM Germany.
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Digital Collections: A New Level of Engagement
On Jan. 28th 2021, we invited Johannes Bernhardt, Digital Manager, Baden State Museum Karlsruhe (Germany) and Elena Villaespesa, co-Investigator, The Museums + AI Network, Assistant-Professor Pratt Institute (United States). The session was facilitated by Christiane Lindner, Projektleitung museum x.o, Badisches Landesmuseum, Schloss Karlsruhe (Germany)
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Collecting Memories: Connecting Tangible and Intangible
On Feb. 18th 2021, we invited Anya Kondratyeva, independent curator, previously curator at the GULAG History Museum (Moscow, Russia), Flavia Marcello, Associate Professor at Swinburne University of Technology, Faculty of Health, Arts and Design (Melbourne, Australia) and Mohamed Fariji, Co-director, L'Atelier L'Observatoire (Morocco). The session was facilitated by Daria Gradusova, Museum Researcher, PhD student, Swinburne University (Melbourne, Australia)
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Creative Crossovers: Engagements Through Creativity Partnerships

On March 18th 2021, we invited Martin van Engel, Programme Manager for Van Gogh Connects at the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands and Vashti DuBois, Executive Director and founder of The Coloured Girls Museum in the United States. The session was hosted by Chelsea Wang, Research Assistant at National Museum of History of Taiwan and part of the Young Board Members of COMCOL / ICOM.
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Communities, Collections and the Concept of Care
On April 22nd 2021, we invited Sandra Vacca, curator at DOMiD | the Documentation Centre and Museum of Migration in Germany, and Jessica Rucinque Arbeláez, head of the Department of Education at the Museum of Antioquia in Medellin. The session was hosted by Danielle Kuijten, director of Imagine IC and chair of ICOM COMCOL.
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