A community of museums changemakers good for people and the planet, empowered by innovation.
We campaign for a new understanding of museums as society's new mentors and architects of change in respect of people and the Planet.
WAC Weekly is back every Wednesday at 5pm UTC

Become Web3 literate to enhance Arts and Culture.

Unlocking Web3 for the Arts and Culture (WAC Lab) is an innovation laboratory where art professionals, institutes, technologists, and strategists come together to learn, discuss, and experiment with Web3 with a special focus on the Tezos blockchain. Powered by the Tezos ecosystem, WAC Lab is organised by We Are Museums in collaboration with TZ Connect and the Blockchain Art Directory 2.0.

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At We Are Museums, we provide various pathways for museum professionals to change and work towards better futures.
Since the creation of We Are Museums, we identify and cultivate emerging models of museums that react and reply to today's people's needs and ecosystems. We accompanied museums worldwide in their transformation to constantly stay relevant locally and globally.
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Online Community
Because joining forces is key to foster change, our online community of practice gathers +1000 museum change-makers working towards a future good for people and the planet fueled by social and technological innovations
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We Are Museums is a calendar of experiences and events with the power to set ideas in motion and influence change. For museums and with museums, we curate and organise international events at the thresholds of museums, innovation and social purpose projects, gathering both inspiring and very hands-on examples.
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