Find here all handbooks and toolkits produced by We Are Museums
Making Sense of Immersion
A series of 6 online discussions and workshop organized by We Are Museums, along with Museum Connections, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US, Pixii Festival and Fabbula.

When Museums Meet Videogames

a series of talk and collaborative workshops

presented by the Villa Albertine and the French Embassy of the United States, organised by We Are Museums, in cooperation with the Smithsonian.


Museums Facing Extinction
A 2-year program guiding museums on their climate journey, supported by EIT-Climate KIC, in collaboration with MO Museum, KiCulture and the Futurium.
Museums on the Climate Journey | Handbook
Systems Thinking | Handbook
Museums Facing Extinction 2020 | Essentials
Museums Facing Extinction 2019 | Essentials
Videos | Get inspired by 25 experts