Museums Facing Extinction
Lithuanian Edition
guiding museums through change towards systemic impact
We Are Museums, EIT Climate-KIC and the MO Museum join forces to produce seven-month information, mentoring and co-creation programme to turn museums into agents of change and start climate actions (from Oct 2020 to May 2021).

The challenge: turn 16 museums in Lithuania into agents of change and activate climate actions via new museum practices and the production of local communities engagement programmes and exhibitions.
Our ambition in Lithuania is to support the museum sector into this unprecedented moment of upheaval and transformations, focusing on social and environmental impact.
To embrace the new global context and face the multiplicity of crisis, we gather experts in global impact, systemic change, sustainability, biomimicry, and more, to guide you and your museum through change. The programme offers a one-day conference and workshop, online collective problem-solving, expert mentoring and peer-to-peer support. It aims to guide museums to become future literate, drive the road of ecological transition through tangible guidelines, implement new working process based on collaboration or find new business models and opportunities for museums.
7-month program unfolded
some figures: 16 museum professionals, 1 international conference, 4 meetups with experts, 6 meetings with advisors, 20 facilitated meetings, 1 sensemaking workshop, 4 final projects.
International conference and a series of meetups embracing cognitive diversity
On November 16th, 2020, we gathered a very special group of international experts in systems thinking, futures literacy, global impact, sustainable museum practices, community engagement, biomimicry and circular economy to explore new ways of seeing the future and harvesting best practices of museums acting for the Planet.

This day has been followed by meetups, workshops and conversations with part of the speakers in order to dive into the models introduced.
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We provide various resources through guidebooks, handbooks and visual roadmaps for museums to start their climate journey.

This stage enables participants to learn more about the planetary emergency, the international existing frameworks and communities around climate actions in culture, sustainable practices of museums, systems thinking and systemic change.
Online sessions of facilitated innovation
Our programme is powered by Exaptive's Cognitive City® to facilitate innovation using the full potential of this community's collective intelligence.

The programme is designed to train a cohort of museum professionals to become skilled at creating innovative and courageous actions to mitigate climate change. The Cognitive City provides a virtual space that allows for inclusive, insightful conversations as well as structures to successfully follow through on projects tackling major climate challenges.
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This programme is supported by
EIT Climate-KIC is an EU funded knowledge and innovation community who's purpose is to tackle climate change through innovation. They are Europe's largest public-private partnership with this purpose – a growing pan-European community of diverse organisations united by a commitment to direct the power of creativity and human ingenuity at the climate change challenge. Their Community Activation team is running a series of experimental sessions, like this one, involving pioneering thinkers and organizations across Europe. During these sessions, with their partners and community, they will observe and identify patterns, make observations and search for learnings with the aim of finding unique insights to support systemic level change.
To find out more, refer to the Transformation, in Time strategy.