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Grytics (FR)

Grytics is a Saas designed to deliver powerful analytics and to help you manage your online Group Communities on Facebook (Groups and Workplace).

Our tools are designed to deliver statistics for any of your Facebook groups in order to get precious insights about your community members and their contributions inside groups.
With Grytics, you can finally make the most of your Facebook group strategy :
• know who your top members are & make them your ambassadors
• Know what they talk about and react accordingly
• Export the group content (and statistics) with Excel, PDF & PPT reports

You can also use Grytics to know what is told in others public Facebook groups in order to better handle your online audience and expand your community !

We offer another product especially designed for Facebook Workplace : it is the ideal companion for your company Workplace community. It allows the HR & Marketing department to make the most of all the company groups and members by identifying topics and top employees !

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