Tech Loves Culture
Helping create meaningful connections

14 June 2017
Kanepes Cultural Center
Riga, Latvia

What is Tech Loves Culture?
TLC is the meeting place between professionals from culture and tech who want to start working together We make worlds collide, meet and learn from one another

On 14 June 2017, meet

– International experts from museums and cultural institutions
– Innovative startups and entrepreneurs
– Outstanding creative minds

Join a Startup Fair exhibiting 30 local, regional and international featured talented startups who work in the cultural world or soon will

Enjoy our Testing Table and meet even more startups

Attend our unique Two-way Pitch where cultural institutions and startups engage with one another

Meet top experts in a one-to-one 15 minute session to learn, exchange and network

Take part in Meet & Match sessions between entrepreneurs and cultural experts

And also: make new friends, read about last cultural or tech trends and feel the good vibes!

Startups can apply now to exhibit at TLC Fill the call for startups below

Apply here!

You can also join the full 3-day We Are Museums experience to meet the whole museum community

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Last year’s startup fair in Bucharest, Romania

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