Meet the speakers

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Ulla Teräs

Project Leader at the Helsinki City Museum (FI)

In the past 5 years, Ulla has developed new museum concepts and operational models as project leader in Helsinki City Museum and before that at the National Board of Antiquities. The 3 year renewal process of Helsinki City Museum offered her and her colleagues a unique opportunity to rethink the whole museum and its role in its community. Ulla is particularly interested in cultural history museums and their relationship with their communities. She sees openness, participatory approaches and new agile operating models as a necessity for museums to secure their public value in the future. She obtained her MA degree on ethnology in Helsinki University.



Ulla’s Talk

Museum made with people

The three year planning process of Helsinki City Museum was not just about building new exhibitions but represented an opportunity to rethink the role of the museum within its community. Key factors of the museum’s successful transformation process were participatory planning and strategic experimenting. One of the objectives was to find a true connection between the museum and Helsinkians. As a result, the renewed Helsinki City Museum is not just made for but with residents of Helsinki.