Meet the speakers

at We Are Museums 2017

Rosie Stanbury

Head of Live Programme at the Wellcome Collection (UK)

Rosie Stanbury is Head of Live Programmes at Wellcome Collection, the free museum and library exploring health and humanity in London. In this role she leads a team of producers programming public events, youth and community activities. Joining Wellcome in 2006 as an events producer, she played a pivotal role in the inaugural and ongoing programme of events for Wellcome Collection. She took a brief break from the programme in 2010 when she oversaw Wellcome’s Arts Awards grant scheme for a year, taking responsibility for a national portfolio of creative collaborations between artists and scientists. Prior to joining Wellcome, she worked in community arts and the environmental sector.



Rosie’s Talk

Talking to Strangers

Wellcome Collection opened in 2007, geared towards people over the age of 14 this museum aimed to explore the connections between medicine, life and art with its audiences. Bringing together different perspectives was central to the ambition of this new venture, and over the last 10 years interdisciplinary thinking has become central practice for many of us.

The team at Wellcome Collection continue to challenge and stretch audience expectations of what conversations might involve. This presentation will explore how staff encourage different people to talk to one another, particularly exploring a new strand of programming called Open Platform, which gives our audiences a chance to propose events they’d like to deliver in the Wellcome’s Reading Room.