Meet the speakers

at We Are Museums 2017

Merete Sanderhoff

Curator / Senior Advisor at the SMK – Statens Museum for Kunst (DK)

Merete Sanderhoff is Curator and Senior Advisor in the field of digital museum practice at SMK – Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen, working for free access to and re-use of its digitised collections. She is a frequent speaker and moderator at international digital heritage conferences. A conference organiser herself, she has set the agenda for openness in the GLAM community with Sharing is Caring. Merete has published substantial research in the area of digital museum practice, including the anthology Sharing is Caring: Openness and Sharing in the Cultural Heritage Sector. She is chair of the Europeana Network Association, and also serves on the OpenGLAM Advisory Board, and the Board of DIAS Digital Interactive Art Space.



Merete’s Talk

Old collections as building blocks for new creativity

SMK – Statens Museum for Kunst is the national gallery of Denmark, featuring more than 700 years of art. Many of the artworks are in the public domain due to age. When digitised, they can be freely re-used as raw materials for any purpose. At SMK, we believe that our digitised cultural heritage can be important building blocks for new creativity, and that they enable deeper engagement and more efficient learning. Your imagination is the only limit, and we want to learn from you too!