Meet the speakers

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Julie Rokkjær Birch

Curator / Developer at The Women’s Museum (DK)

At the Women’s Museum, Julie is responsible for the museum branding, communication, exhibition planning and events. Her core skills are cultural development, exhibitions, art history, public relations, communication, branding, event management, digital solutions.

She previously worked at several art museums including ARoS, Skagens Museum and Skovgaard Museet.

She has an MA. in Literature and Art History from Aarhus University



Julie’s Talk

Inclusion and impact – from women’s history to gender culture

The Women’s Museum in Denmark was founded 34 years ago, where women’s culture and history were heavily underexposed. In the past decades, the museum has collected substantial material on women’s everyday lives and on their participation in social development. Much has happened in the relationship between women and men ever since. Our roles and functions in society have changed significantly. Cultural heritage rests on old divisions between gender and roles, but nowadays we expect free expression for any gender.

Julie Rokkjær Birch will share how The Women’s Museum now deals with the cultural history of gender in a wider perspective and how the museum is a platform for dialogue, knowledge and reflection on gender and equality issues. From branding/tone of voice to interactive exhibitions, events and educating programs – The Women’s Museum wants to make an impact on how gender is perceived and performed in our society.