We Are Museums’

Social events

To meet, chat, chill, enjoy!

Sunday 11 June
Join us to have a drink and meet the community!

From 19h30


Have you ever seen a barber shop in a restaurant?
That’s the perfect place for a good craft beer

Monday 12 June
It’s good to have an art-break after one day of hard work

From 20h00

Latvian National Museum of Art

The richest collection of national art in Latvia kept in a jewel from the beginning of the century recently renovated

Tuesday 13 June
Dive into the latvian contemporary art to celebrate the end of two days of hard learning and networking

From 19h30

This is a jointed-event with Startup BBQ where the best of latvian startup community will mix with We Are Museums community for some grillin’ n chillin’!

Startup BBQ is organized by Riga start-up community drivers (Startup Wise Guys, TechHub Riga, TechChill, The Mill, Darba Vieta) and supported by bigger and smaller start-ups. Register by clicking on the picture and click “going“!

kim? Contemporary Art Centre

The name of kim? is no less than an abbreviation of an insistent question “what is art?“ (“kas ir māksla?“)


Wednesday 14 June
Celebrate with us the end of We Are Museums 2017 with a live show and a dj-set

From 20h00

Kaņepes Cultural Center

The best place in Riga for our “Tech Loves Culture“