3 days / 20 talks / 3 workshops
40+ speakers / 20 startups
12/13/14 June 2017

We Empower Museums

A 3 Day Event

We Are Museums gathers the makers of the museums of tomorrow in exciting new countries. For 3 days, we become the center of the museum ecosystem where we facilitate vital connections between practitioners, entrepreneurs and game changers to help museums become future ready.







Exhibiting startups


For 4 years we have

> Connected people and skills for mutual and shared benefits
> Inspired participants with both visionary and feasible projects
> Kept a constantly evolving and youthful approach
> Worked locally in each country we visited
> Remained affordable and democratic

Tech Loves Culture on June 14, 2017

The meeting place between professionals from culture and tech who want to start working together.
We make worlds collide, meet and learn from one another:
– International experts from museums and cultural institutions
– Innovative startups and entrepreneurs
– Outstanding creative minds

International, innovative and out of the box, Tech Loves Culture will celebrate discovering new solutions and understanding new professional culture better through a startup fair gathering 25 of the most exciting cultural startups in Europe and 300 culture professionals from more than 20 countries on top of numerous meet and match options.


We are a team of innovators with years of experience in the cultural field. We are passionate about shaking up our community.


Diane Drubay

Long-standing member of the museum and digital community in France. Founder of many museum-related events


Claire Solery

A project developer and facilitator by trade, also a morning owl and museum adorer

Content Provider

Andrea Goulet

A quadrilingual innovation strategist with a soft spot for museums and their eating facilities

Graphic Designer

Magda Maruszka

A gifted and out of the box graphic designer we met through our events and never let go. The reason why our events look so cool

Alternate color

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