Museums Facing Crisis
Goal 4: Humankind and museums can't be surprised by crisis anymore
With climate change bringing about uneven and irregular weather conditions, human-related disaster changing the heritage landscape, pandemic transforming the way we function, museums need to work together to safeguard humanity's heritage, promote peace and build resilience.

This is more than acknowledging conventions and sharing resources whenever necessary and possible. It concerns new regenerative models of systems. This impact the ways and means museums can address, react and respond to social tensions such as social and health tensions, political pressures, military conflicts and natural disasters. It is also how museums champion ideals and aspirations of their societies, meaning that museums cannot and should not remain neutral.
Our actions
'Dialogues on Museum Resilience' in collaboration with UN Live – Museum for the United Nations
In May 2019 we started a new series of community meetups to share lived knowledge and learned experiences of resilience from museum professionals who have already learned how to recover.
Community Support Meetups
Two weeks after the beginning of the European Spring 2020 lockdown, we started our new series of online community meetups to provide a platform for discussion and support while globally facing a crisis.
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April 9th – 'Museum Voice in April 2020 – How everything is changing' with Andrea Jones, Peak Experience Lab (United States)

April 22nd – 'Museum Value Online in April 2020' with Kajsa Hartig, Head of Collections and Cultural Environments, Västernorrlands Museum (Sweden)

May 13th – 'Re-Opening Small Museums – Our Ideas and Questions to Stay Agile' with David Gruber, Director at the Museum of Nature South Tyrol in Bolzano, Northern Italy, and moderated by Sandro Debono, Museum Thinker, University of Malta.

June 25th – 'Collect Crisis' with Danielle Kuijten, co-curator of Imagine IC in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and moderated by Sandro Debono, Museum Thinker, University of Malta.